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∆∆∆∆Rasik∆∆∆∆ Heartbeats
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Cover HalfaxaLoRecordings
∆∆∆∆Rasik∆∆∆∆ by Grimes
from Halfaxa
Released February 28, 2011
Length 1:50
Writer(s) Grimes
Producer(s) Grimes
Grimes - ∆∆∆∆Rasik∆∆∆∆01:53

Grimes - ∆∆∆∆Rasik∆∆∆∆

∆∆∆∆Rasik∆∆∆∆ is a bonus track from the Lo Recordings pressings of Grimes' second studio album Halfaxa,being the fourth track on said version's tracklist.


I wait all day
You stay and I can play
Right now or someday
We'll ruin
Oh, we know

We'll ruin, we know

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