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Cover Pin
Pin by Grimes
from Art Angels
Released November 6, 2015
Length 3:32
Writer(s) Grimes
Producer(s) Grimes

Pin is a song from Grimes' fourth solo studio album Art Angels, being the ninth track off the album. Boucher said in an interview that the song is about killing innocence[1].


The artwork — drawn by Grimes herself for the song — shows a monkey, a killer whale and an eagle, with the word "fairy" in bold and underneath, in Japanase, "フェアリータイプ", meaning fearī taipu. And finally, at the bottom of the artwork, the song title, Pin.

The monkey seems to wear a crown, and may be a reference to popular movie Planet of the Apes.


Dirt in your fingernails
Blood on your knees
But did that ever make you happy?
I think you were my best friend
Gentle do not reprehend
I know it hasn't been a dream
But if you pardon, I will mend

Drunk in a parking lot
Just after three
Tearin' out your hair like a banshee

Lighter and a safety pin
Light the end, burn the skin
I'll stick to you forever
Cause this scar I think is permanent

Falling off the edge with you
It was too good to be true
Too good to be true

Bite off your fingernails
Cut up your skin
Tell me that it didn't happen

Running through the dark woods
Fallen couldn't see straight
I was only looking for a human to reciprocate

Baby it's a black hole
I need it to breathe
But does it really make you happy?
Kiss me with a big knife
Bloody heart of paradise
Living like a soldier
Peace of mind must be nice

Oh falling off the edge with you
Oh it was too good to be true
Too good to be true

Thought I had won
I thought I won til I lost
And I, fixing my fall
But for what cost?
And I see your reflection when I look at mine
And I say (I say, I say)
Baby, don't go away

Falling off the edge with you
It was too good to be true
Falling off the edge with you
It was too good to be true
Too good to be true



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