it's been a week since me and other users, such as Wendy, Ash and Jordan have decided to revive this place, fix a whole bunch of things and eventually adopt the wiki. i'm making this blog because it's needed for the adoption request. comment below if you support me being given a crat status on grimes wiki, so i can do things like block users causing harm that may join in the future, delete duplicate/useless/incorrectly titled files, do major improvement to the wikis design, create a petition thatll be sent to wikia staff to demote the current inactive founder, contact staff on the problem with the wiki's logo linking to the talkpage of the mainpage instead of the mainpage itself, etc

if youre wondering, ive done plenty of improvements here, and plan to do alot more (including not only on pages but also on the wikis design and many other things). you can check my contributions if youre curious to how ive contributed to the wiki

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